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Sano GmbH is a dynamically developing German company engaged in the selection and appointment of personnel in the field of packaging and general production in Germany.
The company and all of its other derivative companies, focuses on finding a workforce, offering positions that fully meet the qualifications of its candidates.
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Health, social and pension insurance on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany

Accommodation provided, meeting the normal standard of living

Secure work positions and a calm work environment

Guaranteed departure to Germany every Saturday

We are your reliable employer in Germany

A team of experienced professionals who will advise you on the best job position, according to your qualifications and experience


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Sofia Office

Sofia, Banishora district
13 Shumen Str.

Veliko Tarnovo Office

Veliko Tarnovo,
10 Ilio Voivoda Street, office 3

Working Time

Mon - Fri: 9:00 - 17:00


Phone Numbers

Sofia Office
Specialist Human resources: 0898 88 38 48 - Gergana Stoyanova
Specialist Human resources: 0898 88 91 83 - Tanya Ivanova
Specialist Human resources: 0876 60 61 38 - Vanya Atanasova
Specialist Human resources: 0876 60 61 29 - Natalia Petrova
Office manager: 0876 60 62 13 - Srebrina Betova

Veliko Tarnovo Office
Specialist Human resources: 0889 60 60 33 - Borislava Ivanova
Specialist Human resources: 0885 60 60 38 - Daniela Georgieva