We at F&K Sano GmbH appreciate and share:

  • Inspiring leadership with a constant drive for development
  • Proven stability combined with efficiency, tradition and modernity
  • Dynamic development related to new challenges and perspectives
  • Exceptional teamwork built on mutual trust and support

Due to the expansion of the workload, we are looking to hire employees for packaging and commissioning in a factory for delicacies (fried eggplant, stuffed olives, stuffed mushrooms). The factory is located in Hanover, the accommodation is also there.

The commission’s agents execute orders on a given request, the items given to the order are collected from the shelves. The next process is the packaging of the finished order (boxes of 0.200 g), labeling and barcoding.

There is 1 shift – daily from 09:00 to 19:00

It is mandatory all workers to have work shoes with a safety toe. They should be provided by the worker before leaving Bulgaria.
Work clothes are provided by the factory.
Start date 06.12.2021
The travel will be on 04.12.2021 from Sofia

Requirements to the candidates:

  • Secondary education – compulsory
  • Experience of production lines (recommended)
  • Driver’s license category B (active driver) – a serious advantage
  • Physically and mentally healthy, with a clean criminal record
  • Serious and motivated people with a desire to work and loyalty to the employer

We provide you with:

  • Permanent employment contract under German law
  • All types of insurance
  • Accommodation near the workplace, including overhead costs
  • Transport from the accommodation to the workplace and back

All approved candidates will be invited for an interview.

About the Position

Location: Hanover

Salary Per Month: gross 1463 euros

Duration: long term

За допълнителни въпроси се свържете с нас всеки делничен ден от 09:00 до 16:30 часа на посочените телефони:

0877 38 38 81
0898 88 91 83 – Е. Димитрова
0889 60 60 33 – М. Иванова

0876 60 61 29  – Н. Петрова
0898 88 38 48 – Г. Стоянова